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Traffic Offenses Attorney in Tampa

Do you need help fighting a traffic violation?

One of the worst feelings in the world when you are driving is to suddenly see a police officer behind you with his/her lights on. Immediately you begin to wonder what you did wrong and whether your registration is current, do you have your insurance papers and how can you talk the policeman out of giving you a ticket. With our current economic scene, no one can afford the high price of a ticket violation, nor risk having points added to their driving record which could result in higher insurance rates. A Tampa traffic offenses lawyer can assist in fighting your traffic violation, regardless of how small it may seem to you. At Taracks Rickman & Associates, our firm has provided our clients with caring and personal attention to their specific traffic offense situation and advised them on their best course of action.

Not every ticket carries the same ramifications. Whether you've been charged with a minor offense or a serious traffic infraction, a Tampa traffic offense attorney from our firm can help. But certain ones left without action can lead to serious circumstances down the road. Our firm is aware of the necessity of resolving these issues for you, and can appear in court on your behalf to seek to reduce the impact of a conviction on your record. Our firm is available to represent you for any of the following types of traffic infractions:

Field Sobriety Tests
If you facing a DUI charge, one of the major types of evidence that could be help against you in court is the results of your field sobriety test. However, what many people do not realize is that these tests can be inaccurate and should not be enough to send you to jail. There are three main field sobriety tests that law enforcement officers use to determine if someone was driving under the influence. These include: the walk and turn test, the one leg stand, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. The first two tests are divided attention tests where the individual is asked to walk along a straight line or stand on one leg while counting out loud. People who are inebriated usually have a difficult time staying balanced, but this is not necessarily the only reason someone could fail it. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test looks for involuntary jerking in the eyes, but this is also present is people suffering from strokes or seizures.

Consequences of Traffic Offenses

In Florida there is a point system that goes on your driving record that can affect your future ability to operate a motor vehicle. That's why you need a reliable Tampa traffic offense attorney fighting for your rights. Accumulation of too many points can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges. Any moving violation can add 3 points to your driving record, and some such as running a stop sign or speeding can lead to 4 points. If an accumulation of 12 points occurs, you could have your license suspended for up to a year. The effect of an unexpected suspension could affect your employment and cause a financial burden and problems to you and your family.

Don't let this happen to you. With a modest fee, our firm has the knowledge and skill to fight your traffic ticket in court. We have successfully helped numerous clients win their traffic violations and may be able to do the same for you. Allow us to assist you with our aggressive approach to contesting your traffic offense. Contact our office today for a free initial evaluation to discuss your particular situation.

Contact a Tampa traffic offenses attorney regarding your traffic violation today.